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i am NOT glad to be back. for the past 2 days, me lauren bert and rachel have been staying at the holiday in, just having a lil early vacation. they called me 2 nights ago and told me to grabsomething to swim and sleep in; so i packed up and we got to the hotel and for 2 days and nights straight, we got piss drunk, we hung out at the pool and the hot tub ( bert almost drowned me), watched porn and the movie cursed on tv, played tourist, wrestled, ordered alotta pizza, took a group shower (fun) and played truth kiss dare or consequence, oh and we slept alot! me and rachel got into a big fight, complete with crying and screaming at one point, but we ended it witha total oprah moment and now we're fine.we just got back and we're watching the opera MANON on berts dvd plyer and im in his room talking to yall.
tats all 4 now
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