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B happy for raven

I CANT WAIT TILL RA COMES TO BEAUMONT! im gunna be first in line at antone's to see them with rachel and lauren. here are some Ra lyrix for yo asses to chew on till you run oout and buy the cd:

It sounds like a whisper
It seems like a dream
It breaks and it falls
It tears at the seams

Suppose that it happens
Supposed that it's real
Supposing you're right
Suppose it won't heal forver

And I will get old and tired
And nothing will get to me
No one will want to have me
longing to be set free

If only the sun would take me
If only the wind was on my side

I wish I could see you
I'm stuck in a fog
I wish I had patience
A virtue says god

I wish I had wishes
A gold magic charm
I'd wish for more time
I'd wish to go far away


And I can hear voices calling
And I can feel weight upon my mind
You'll hold my hand in your hand
And after I'm gone you'll still have
Time to figure out the things
The things that left me empty inside

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